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David John Oxman

This site is devoted to genealogical details of the Oxman name worldwide. So far the name has been found in England, USA, Canada, AustriaAustralia, Finland, Germany, Uruguay, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Israel, Russia, Sweden  and anywhere else I can find any record of the name. There are also links to any other websites mentioning an Oxman or other occurrences of the name or facts about it.

A summary of the information on this site in Spanish - en Espagnol

If you are an Oxman or are related to one, have a look around the site. There are over sixty pages of information. Send me a message with any genealogical details on your family.

This site used to be part of my original Home page until it outgrew its available space. My old Home page is still there but now its got no genealogical information as the information has been transferred into this site. - My original Home page

Another of my web sites. I used to be asked where I gathered my information and whether any of it was obtained on-line. These are the sites I found of most use. - Genealogical Links


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Oxman message board on Ancestry.co.uk


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